Adam Herrman

President & Co-Founder


About Adam

Adam has more than 20 years of experience trading and marketing energy products in the wholesale power markets, as well as managing wholesale and retail power systems at a regulated utility. In 2001 Adam began his career in the energy industry by working for Westar Energy, the largest utility in Kansas. While at Westar, Adam optimized over 6,000 MW of company-owned generation, power supply contracts, and economy sales and purchases to serve Westar’s retail customers. Adam was also responsible for managing Westar’s energy management agreements, which consisted of over 3,000 MW of additional Independent Power Producer generation in the SWPP, TVA, and Ercot regions. This also included full requirements load following, unit dispatch, and schedule management of over 1000 MW per hour. The full requirements obligation spanned 35 cities, one municipality, and a Power Pool formed by 5 cities across two states.

Adam completed his B.S. in Business Management in 2001 at Kansas State University.

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